Dragora is composed entirely by free software, so you can receive assistance from the community at no cost and all developers in the world can easily find any reported issue. Following the project is also a good idea even if you've just started using the system.

Mailing lists

Subscribe to the dragora-users mailing list to stay up-to-date on Dragora.
You can use the same list for general help and discussion.
You can also report non-free software and licensing issues.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Join us in channel #dragora on Libera.Chat using any IRC client.
The network provides a guide on how to connect and behave.

You can also access our IRC channel via web chat.

Urgent issues

If there is no response for a while, you can report the bug using our bug tracker.

Security issues must be reported to the project maintainer's email (Matías Fonzo).
Issues with this website can be reported to the webmaster's email (Lorenzo L. Ancora).