Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre



The Dragora project produces a LIBRE, reliable, UNIX-like GNU/Linux distribution made from scratch!

Dragora respects the freedom of the user with the values of free software and provides control to those who use it.

Dragora is developed entirely by volunteers and it is published under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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NOTE: We are currently working on a new website. If you are looking for the development, check here.



Direct links: source code / branches / tags

This website runs entirely on [Fossil], a high-reliability distributed version control system. This means that you can get around the entire repository to work: wiki pages, source code, tickets, and more. In order to check out the repository, type:

$ mkdir dragora && cd dragora
$ fossil clone http://dragora.org/repo.fsl repo.fossil
$ fossil open repo.fossil

For more information on the usage and understanding of Fossil we recommend the "Jim Schimpf's book".

Submitting patches

Suggested changes or bug fixes can be submitted by creating a patch against the current source tree. Email patches to dragora-users@nongnu.org. Be sure to describe in detail what the patch does, and which version of Dragora it is written against.


We accept bug reports via the Ticket system. Please, include a descriptive line in the summary of the ticket. If all the subjects are "error in Dragora" it is impossible to tell them apart.

Check-in privileges

Check-in privileges are granted on a case-by-case basis. Your chances of getting check-in privileges are much improved if you have a history of submitting quality patches and/or making thoughtful posts on the mailing list.

Contributors should review the Coding style guidelines and mimic the coding style used through the rest of the Dragora source code. Your code should blend in, a third-party reader should be unable to distinguish your code from any other code in the source corpus.


Documentation is the help that every free software project needs. A well documented system allows developers and users to understand and communicate things better. Help us write new documentation, improve or correct existing documentation on the Wiki.


Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre is a redistributable free operating system made by volunteers:

A project like Dragora demands a great deal of time, effort and sacrifice. Some of the tasks are: coding, documenting, translating, maintaining, spreading the word. Also testing and helping users (answering support questions). Other important things are: fulfilling the basic needs (since this is a full time job for the maintainer, in charge of the project), paying the server, electricity, internet connection, paying direct contributors. All these things are important to sustain the project.

For more information, see the Donation section.

Spreading the word

Help spread the word and let Dragora be known everywhere. The community benefits from it!

Some people have written about Dragora at the Press section.


Mailing lists


Social network


  • LinuxQuestions.org - Another way to get help, even the help of users belonging to other projects.