Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre

Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre is a redistributable free operating system made by volunteers:

A project like Dragora demands a great deal of time, effort and sacrifice. Some of the tasks are: coding, documenting, translating, maintaining, spreading the word. Also testing and helping users (answering support questions). Other important things are: fulfilling the basic needs (since this is a full time job for the maintainer, in charge of the project), paying the server, electricity, internet connection, paying direct contributors. All these things are important to sustain the project.

There are three convenient ways to finance the project, preferred ways are via mail. See below.

Western Union (International mail)

International payments or donations can be done using Western Union.

First and Middle Names: Matías Andrés
Last Name: Fonzo
Address: Manzana E, Lote 6. Santa Lucia (Ampliación)
City: Santiago del Estero (Capital)
ZIP Code: 4200
Country: Argentina

Giro Correo Argentino - Western Union Nacional (Argentina)

Puede realizar un giro de dinero llendo al Correo Argentino en el cual deberá de completar un formulario que consiste en tres partes: monto a enviar, datos del beneficiario, y datos del remitente.


Nombres/s: Matías Andrés
Apellido/s: Fonzo
Direccion: Manzana E, Lote 6. Santa Lucia (Ampliación)
Ciudad: Santiago del Estero (Capital)
Codigo Postal: 4200


Quien remite es usted. Esto es, sus datos personales más el CUIT / CUIL / CDI.

Una vez finalizada la operación, comunique el número conocido como MTCN a dragora@dragora.org para poder habilitar el cobro.


We can also accept donations from PayPal.

Monthly subscriptions are supported

Contribute with a specific amount every month:


Here is a list of people who have donated to the project:

Thank you! =)