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Dragora material including: appreciations, reviews, articles, interviews, etc.

July, 2013

An interview in English with Matias by Nicu B., talking about the beginnings of the project and future plans.

June, 2013

Photo series to be used as wallpapers.

May, 2013

A collection of wallpapers for Dragora designed by Oswald Kelso.

May, 2012

A new wallpaper for Dragora designed by Vladimir Zúñiga.

April, 2012

A logo made by Vladimir Zúñiga for Dragora.

September, 2011

Revision of version 2.1, by Rares Aioanei.

February, 2011

A good review of Dragora 2.1 which mentions new features from version 2.0. Pages: 14, 15, 16, 17.

December, 2010

The site also includes an installation tutorial of version 1.0, which includes a slider with images to copy and paste on your web site.

December, 2009

Introductory notes on free distributions, including Dragora. See pages: 25, 26.

March, 2009

Dragora was recognized by the Free Software Foundation on March 21st, 2009 and recommended by the GNU project as one of the free GNU/Linux distributions. It is the seventh distribution to get that recognition and the first one of that kind that is not based on another distribution.