Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre

In order to facilitate the configuration of certain issues, some tools are offered as a part of the distribution to configure the time zone, the keyboard map, the mouse, and the window manager.


Set the time zone simply typing tzconfig. See below:


You can choose between the option "Local time" or "UTC".

By design, the Kernel of Linux is prepared to run in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), specially if you are using GNU/Linux as your single-system. Otherwise, select the option "Local time" if you have more than one operating system, and that system expects a Local time.

The next step is select the zone, like for example "Africa/Cairo". That's all.



Change the keyboard map is easy, just typing keyconfig. See below:


The menu is ordered by "Keyboard Layout/Keyboard Map".

Select the option for your Keyboard and then, a second window is given for test the Keymap. Otherwise, you can go back and select the right option.

The most common layout is QWERTY. If you don't know which is your Keyboard Layout, take a look at Wikipedia.



The gpmconfig tool is used to configure your mouse type in console.


gpmconfig lets you set the mouse type through gpm. To know more, see the technical considerations.


Window manager

The tool to select a window manager is called wmconfig. See below:


wmconfig allows to select to user and superuser to have his own window manager or desktop for load. See the technical considerations.