Dragora GNU/Linux-Libre

Before we start installing Dragora please make sure you computer matches the minimum system requirements:

Dragora 2.x
Processor: Intel 486 or compatible
RAM: 64MB (1GB suggested)
Media: CD-ROM 4x unit
Video: VGA card or compatible
Hard drive space: About 4GB for a complete installation

Now you have a a compatible computer ready we can begin!

Making a Dragora CD

First you will need to download a copy of Dragora you should download a file with the extension .iso and then burn it to your CD/DVD ROM heres how to do this on different platforms.

After you have burned to .iso file to a CD/DVD ROM you need restart your pc and boot to it.

The install CD

You will be met with a screen asking you which kernel you want to use if you don't know what your doing just just press Enter.


You will then be met with a terminal with the message: When your ready, just type setup.

Disk partitioning

But first we need to partition are Disk.


To do this type cfdisk and hit Enter you should then see something like this:


Warning the following steps will erase all data on your storage device!

We will now delete all the partitions on the disk by selecting Delete then we need to setup the swap partition.

Swap is used as a kind of virtual memory to help programs when RAM is running low and so its very important if your on a system with little RAM.

Select New then Primary then you will be prompted for a size in mega bytes. This is how big your swap partition will be. This is personal preference but as a rule if you have a hard drive of 40GB or more then you should be fine with 4000MB so just type 4000 and hit Enter.

If however you have very little storage space it may be better not to have any swap or very little swap so if you don't want swap just type 1

It's a good idea though if your system have very low ram say under 256MB to have a decent amount of swap.

After you have Entered the size select Beginning then select Type you will be shown a long list of file types and numbers but just press any key to continue.


Then type 82 which if you look at the list above you can see is the number for the swap type, so then hit Enter.

Then hit the down arrow key to go to the remaining free space and select New then Primary then hit Enter then select Bootable and now finally select Write, type "yes" and then select Quit.

We will now be back at the command line.


Now we just type setup and press Enter we should then be greeted with this screen:


It's most likely the case you need to change your keyboard layout, to do this select Keyboard followed by your keyboard layout of choice followed by 1. Then we just select Start.

Now we select Partition, it will then ask you if you want to continue without a swap partition if you want a swap partition chose Yes, it will now format the swap partition and check for bad blocks (this may take a while depending on how big your swap partition is).

When finished you should see another screen Detected Linux partitions, just hit Enter here and then Enter again.


It will then ask what file system to use you can chose whatever you want here but I recommend ext4 once you have selected your file system with the arrow keys hit Enter then Enter again then Enter after that.

It will then ask you for a mount point, enter / then hit Enter again.


Now select Continue and hit Enter and Enter again.

It will then ask you to chose the device from which Dragora will be installed, in this tutorial we have been using a CD so select CD/DVD-ROM and hit Enter.

Then making sure the CD is still inserted hit Enter.

It will then ask you which components of the system to install so select the ones you want and hit Enter if you don't know what your doing just hit Enter without doing anything.


You will then see a screen titled "SELECT THE INSTALLATION MODE" just hit Enter here.

It will now start installing the system from the CD this will take a while so go and make some tea out of good quality celery leaf.


When it finishes it will ask you to select a boot loader for your system just here Enter for GRUB here unless you know what your doing. It will now ask you where you want to install your boot loader unless you know what your doing just hit Enter.

Then it will install grub to your master boot record.

When done just hit Enter, it will then ask if you want to change the name of the super user if you don't know what this means just hit Enter.

It will then ask if you want to set a password, it's highly advised to do this. So hit Enter it will then bring up a command line for you to enter your new password in it will ask you to enter it twice.

Next it will ask you what mouse you are using select the one that is appropriate to your machine.

But if your rely unsure just select PS/2.

It will then ask what services you want running on your machine if you don't know what this means just hit Enter.

After that it will ask what services you want enabled or disabled at start up, if you don't know what this means just hit Enter.

It will then ask you what window manager you want to use select which one you want and hit Enter.

Then it will ask what local you want installing. choice which one and hit Enter.

It will then ask in what format to save time choose UTC and press Enter, then select your time zone and hit Enter.

Now the installation is complete!

Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete for it to restart!

Now.. you will boot up into Dragora it will take a while to start when run for the first time.

After the installation

Creating a new user

You will most likely want to login as a normal user insted of root so we will create one.

First login to Dragora as the root user and then Enter the command adduser, it will ask you for a new Username so enter what you want the user to be called.

It will then ask for a user ID but you can just hit Enter here.

Then it will ask you for a Inital group you can just hit Enter here.

Then it will ask for a list of groups you can Enter what you want here but if you don't know what your doing, recommended groups are: audio,cdrom,disk,floppy,games,usb,video,messagebus,haldaemon,power

It will then ask for the home directory to use. The default is fine.

Then it will then ask what shell you want to use again unless you want otherwise just hit Enter.

Then it will ask for a expiry date unless you want it to expire just hit Enter here.

Then it will ask you if you want to make this user account.

Then it will ask for your full name you don't have to Enter your real name you can leave it empty.

It will then ask for a room number if you don't care about this just hit Enter and the same applys for home phone, work phone and other.

Then it will ask you for a password, give it a good password twice.

And then congratulations you have created a new user!

To login to your new user you can Enter the command exit and it will bring up a login prompt.

Graphical by default

In Dragora by default you start in a terminal and have to type startx to start a graphical session if you dislike this it can be easily changed:

  1. Make sure you are logged in a the root user or a user with root permissions

  2. Type chmod +x /etc/sv/xdm/run