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What is Dragora?

Dragora is an independent GNU/Linux distribution project which was created from scratch with the intention of providing a reliable operating system with maximum respect for the user by including entirely free software. Dragora is based on the concepts of simplicity and elegance, it offers a user-friendly Unix-like environment with emphasis on stability and security for long-term durability.

To put it in a nutshell, Dragora is...

Some of the features of Dragora are:

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Downloading Dragora

Dragora can be found on the gnutransfer rsync server (download via RSYNC), and its mirrors; please use a mirror if possible.


Documentation for Dragora is online. It can also be accessed by running info dragora-handbookor by looking at /usr/share/doc/dragora-handbook/, or similar directories on your system.
A brief summary is available by running dragora-help.


The latest changes in the development of Dragora can be viewed and followed from the links below. Dragora repositories are hosted on Savannah and NotAbug.org. We also keep a mirror of the Savannah repository at http://repo.or.cz/dragora.git/. If you have Git installed, you can retrieve the latest revision with the following command:

git clone git://git.savannah.gnu.org/dragora.git

Project repositories  (atom feed subscription from http://repo.or.cz/dragora.git/)

mainline: 3.0 [browse] [changelog] [issues]
oldstable: 2.2 2012-04-21 [browse] [announcement]
dragora-website: ~ [browse] [changelog] [issues]
dragora-handbook: ~ [browse] [changelog] [issues]

Mailing lists

Dragora has the following mailing lists:

Announcements about Dragora and related subprojects to it are made on the dragora-users list (archives).

Security reports that should not be made immediately public can be sent directly to the maintainer. If there is no response to an urgent issue, you can open an issue to the general bug tracker (hosted on NotABug's community).

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

Join us in #dragora on Libera.Chat. If you don't have an IRC client installed yet, you can access the channel via Web Libera.Chat.

Otherwise, simply connect to irc.libera.chat on port 6697, 7000, or 7070 for TLS access, or ports 6665-6667 or 8000-8002 for plain-text access.

Getting involved

Test releases

Bug reports


We try to improve and enrich the official documentation provided by the project; be it the official handbook, the FAQ, as well as the tools created from or for the project. If you would like to help, we have separate Git repositories for this, see above.


This is one of the most important aspects to try to guarantee the continuity of the project. Please see the donate page.


Dragora is currently being maintained by Matías Fonzo. Please use the mailing lists for contact.

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