An independent GNU/Linux-Libre distribution based on concepts of simplicity.


Dragora is a complete and reliable distribution of the GNU/Linux operating system that is entirely free software. Dragora is founded on the concepts of simplicity and elegance, it can be run for almost any purpose (desktop, workstation, server, development, etc.). The intended audience is people interested in learning more about the technical aspects of a friendly GNU/Linux distribution. Also people looking to use the purest ethical software for daily use.


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Downloading Dragora

Dragora can be found on (via HTTP) and rsync:// (via RSYNC). It can also be found on some mirrors; please use a mirror if possible.


Documentation for Dragora is available online. You may also find more information about Dragora by running info dragora or man dragora on your Dragora system. A brief summary is available by running dragora-help.

Mailing lists

Dragora has the following mailing lists:

Getting involved

Development of Dragora in general is a volunteer effort, and you can contribute. For information, please read How to help Dragora. If you'd like to get involved, it's a good idea to join the discussion mailing list (see above).


The latest changes in the development of Dragora can be viewed and followed from the links below. The project has two primary git repositories hosted on Savannah and We also keep a mirror of the Savannah repository in Assuming you have git installed, you can retrieve the latest revision with this command: git clone git://

Mainline: 3.0 [ Browse ] [ ChangeLog ]
Old Stable (historical): 2.2 [ Browse ] [ Announcement ]
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Bug Reports

For general discussion of bugs in Dragora the mailing list <dragora-users (a) nongnu org> is the most appropriate forum. Please send messages as plain text, do not send messages encoded as HTML nor encoded as base64 MIME nor included as multiple formats. Please include a descriptive subject line. If all of the subject are "bug in dragora" it is impossible to differentiate them.

Translating Dragora

Translations of the website and documentation of Dragora are welcome. Note: we are trying to improve the information in both, website and documentation before accepting translations.


Dragora is currently being maintained by Matías Fonzo. Please use the mailing lists for contact.



Join us on #dragora of (Freenode). If you do not have an IRC client, you can access via WebChat.

Social Network

The official social group for Dragora can be found at

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