Manual in a terminal

All documentation can be accessed while offline without even running the web browser.

A brief summary is available by running:

$ dragora-help

...and for the full manual:

$ info dragora-handbook

You can also look for /usr/share/doc/dragora-handbook/, or similar directories on your system.

Helping Dragora

Please donate, as money is a relevant aspect to try to guarantee the continuity of the project.

In addition, you can support us by:

Mirrors and repositories

Advanced users may want to check or download only part of Dragora using dedicated tools.
All ISO images, binary packages, and sources used to build them, as well as other software published by the project are available in:


The latest codebase revision is found at: (system)
$ git clone git:// (other)

Development newsfeed

You can follow the development by subscribing to our newsfeed:

Open the link in a compatible feed reader or use a newsfeed aggregator.